Die Headliner vom Heart Knock Yoga Event

Young Ho Kim

Known for his non-dogmatic and scientific approach to Yoga that blends with clearness and simplicity of Zen Buddhism Young Ho Kim inspires yogis and yoginis all across Europe and Asia. He truly believes in Evolution and is always seeking for improvement and ongoing education.

Founder of Inside Flow
Founder of Inside Yoga
Founder of TINT Yoga

Cristi Christensen

Cristi is Fire Activator. Star Seed. Lover of Life. She has the unique ability to connect heart to heart with her students inspiring them to dig deeper, play harder, and feel down into the depths of their Spirit with enthusiasm and joy.

Innovator in Combining Yoga & Dance
Founder Deep Exhale
Founder of Soul Fire

Matt Giordano

Well known for his ability to guide students to new levels of body awareness, Matt travels internationally offering workshops, immersions, and trainings. His teaching style is unique – he provides a highly accessible, step by step, technique-based approach to mastery.

Founder of Chromatic Yoga
Founder of Elements of Mastery


Sol Rising’s original soundscapes evoke feelings of inspiration and bliss through an eclectic mix of electronic music, mid-tempo house, chill-trap, ambient and hip-hop. He is touring in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia at festivals such as Wanderlust and Burning Man to light up people’s awareness of their true nature through music.

14 Million Streams on Spotify/Apple Music
Top Yoga Music Producer

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Im Flow des Lebens verbunden sein mit der inneren und äußeren Ausrichtung mit coolen Beats und viel Herz, das ist Heart Knock.


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